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Our services include checking the door balance and the torsion springs and adjusting them if needed. In addition, we’ll give a thorough check to all parts, including rollers, hinges, bolts, and back hangs and will lubricate them to work smoothly. Our services also include inspecting the garage door motor and making the necessary adjustments such as adjusting the limit switches and checking the force adjustment to ensure that your door will reverse if it hits something.

Yes, automatic garage door openers need regular maintenance to ensure it works efficiently and smoothly. Due to being the heaviest and largest tool that requires a lot of moving around, regular testing and maintenance are vital to keeping it operational.

How much it could last depends upon its usage, maintenance, manufacturing quality, and climate conditions which could be between 15-30 years. However, an average automatic garage door can last up to 10-15 years and with proper maintenance, it can last much longer.

Your garage door only opens halfway might be because it has a broken torsion spring. The springs in a garage door assist with lifting, so when the door is lowered, the springs release tension, and when lifted, the springs gain tension. So, the springs are most likely to break when the garage door is down due to extreme tension. If the garage door’s springs are not damaged but still your door is not opening, it might be because the springs need adjustments. You can do a force adjustment on the motor yourself. Though, if you are not an expert in garage door repair, you can contact SoCal garage door services, and our qualified technician will be there instantly for your help.

Both springs on either side of the door are needed to exert force when the garage door is lifted. However, you might be tempted just to replace one to save on cost. But you would need to replace both because springs are what make the garage door light enough to lift easily.

Yes, you can if you have the necessary expertise to install a garage door. But if you don’t have any experience in these matters, don’t touch any component related to the spring/counterbalance system of the garage, such as the bottom bracket where the lift cable is usually attached, because you could risk injury. So, we suggest hiring a garage door installation service to assess the root cause of the problem and find the highest quality components to replace or repair your garage door.

The common causes for a garage door to go off-track include bent or damaged tracks that force rollers out of alignment, loose tracks that can loosen the bolts holding the door in place due to vibration, and build-up dirt and grime on the rollers. In addition, lack of lubrication, and impact on your garage door, can also send the rollers off-track.

It takes only 4-6 hours to install most commercial garage doors on an average scale. However, a garage door installation compatible with the existing structure will take less time.

If your garage door is not closing all the way, it probably has some issues with its sensors. Garage door openers have safety lasers installed by the tracks and near the floor. These sensors detect any kind of living or non-living obstruction which keeps the door closing on any object. So you would need to check if anything is blocking the path.

If you have a broken or frayed cable, we advise against lifting your door. You can pry the door open and lift it, but if both the cable and springs are broken, it could be dangerous to operate it manually because it might fall on you. 

The average cost to fix a garage door track ranges between $125 to $400, and this will also include $50 to $100 if the track is bent or dented.

When the garage door becomes lopsided and won’t close properly, it usually happens due to a break, rust, or other issues in one of the extension springs. If you decide to repair it yourself, it can be a dangerous job because of the garage door’s weight. So better to take help from an experienced garage door service.

A Torque Master spring differs from a regular spring as they are specialty springs manufactured for Wayne Dalton garage doors. It would be difficult to know by sight if this kind of spring is broken because they are installed in a metal tube directly above the garage door. However, when you open and close the door, you can detect from the sound if it is broken, which would be like a rollercoaster clicking its way upward a hill. Moreover, your garage door won’t close once it is opened.

A broken cable could cost $90 to $350 to repair on an average, including a $15 to $50 installation/service fee. Although garage cables are inexpensive, it requires time, skill, and effort, which only a professional and knowledgeable garage door service can provide.

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