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Garage Door Cable Repair

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Garage Door Cable Repair Service

A racked door is usually caused when one of the cables on the door comes off the drum. This happens when an obstruction finds its way under one side when the door is going down. The opener will push down on the unobstructed side while the side with the obstruction stops.  

Broken cables will cause the same problem. This is a very dangerous situation and requires a knowledgeable technician to fix it.  We’ve seen broken arms, cut tendons, and in one case a nose cut by a homeowner who tried to fix this problem by himself. Compromising safety at the stake of saving money is not a good option at all. We’re here to help!

We at SoCal Garage Door Service are specialized in garage door maintenance. Our company specializes in offering you a comprehensive range of garage door maintenance services.

We work with almost all models and makes of doors and are highly capable of solving any problem you might be facing with your garage doors. With our extensive experience, it is not so surprising that we are considered to be the leading company in the area today.

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We consider it obligatory to let you know about the place you are trusting with your money. So, here are the attributes that compel the customers to choose us.

Our matchless experience makes us worthy of your trust. The SoCal Garage Door Company provides garage door cable repair services irrespective of the time of the day considering your priorities and demands.

Satisfying our customers is the primary focus of our workers. The skilled workers at our company are indeed a treat to watch. They have mastered every module of getting done with any kind of problem with the garage door cable you are facing.

Appointing us will not be tedious at all. We understand the importance of time very well and ensure in-time repair services for broken garage door cables.

The budget-friendly services create an urge of giving us a chance and customers never regret that.

From repair of broken garage door cable to maintenance of garage doors, we are here to help you out. Getting your garage door fixed is no more a tiresome process.

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Stop worrying about the broken cable of the garage door when you have us. Your appointment is just a click away. Your safety is our priority. Get ready to team up with one of the best garage door maintenance services.

Don’t hesitate if you have any questions. Our user-friendly interface allows you to ask as many questions as you want.

SoCal Garage Door Company is at your service to get started. Let’s collaborate to solve your garage door problems with our effective and productive services.

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